Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Swansea Bay has a new free magazine!

Full credit to Swansea Council politician Peter May, the media mogul behind the latest glossy mag to hit Swansea Bay.
To boost his General Election campaign for the Swansea West constituency, the Lib-Dem hopeful has created a promo document that will take some beating.
This blog isn't intended to be an ad for Kirsty Williams & Co, but May's effort is a bright, chatty A4 publication that's eyecatching because it mimics best-selling fun-and-gossip mag Take a Break.
The cover of Swansea World is all bright colours, punchy copywriting and photos of humanity (well, Councillor May and Nick Clegg).
It's just popped through the letter box and is datelined Winter 2009. It comes complete with a Welcome from the Editor column, features tagged "Exclusive!" and, wait for it, even a sudoku.
It's an extremely clever piece of marketing, hitting a target audience quite likely to be fatigued by the more traditional electioneering techniques.
Okay, so Swansea World may not be around for long but it does prove that there's still power in print.
Let's hope it prompts his election opponents to raise their own games.

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